Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some of my Big Bass Patterns

A recent post on Twitter got me thinking about the big bass I have caught over the years (I live in Michigan, so in my opinion Bass starting @ 4lbs - 6lbs are big)

Inland Lakes:
When I first started fishing for Bass (18 years ago) I got the majority of my largest fish swimming Jigs (purple/blue skirt w/4" blue pearl translucent double tail trailer) between 10:00am and Noon off ledges.
This year some of my larger fish we on Docks, however due to some lakes having high fishing pressure I had to look elsewhere. Where? Where no one else would really consider, where you never see other bass boats and spots (cover) where no one gets there lures...
That's the beauty of fishing, right? This is what makes the winter a little longer...

Thanks for checking in!

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