Saturday, April 30, 2011

What's my favorite Jig and Trailer?

On natural inland lakes with lots of weed/grass it's hands down the Tabu Tackle OWS
Jig. The jig was designed for swimming, however it an ideal design for everyday pitching.

Fine wire hook and soft wireguard = makes for excellent hooks sets. Tied skirt, makes it a great choice for working docks
Hook point around cover - finer wire hooks simply need to be resharpened any time you contact hard cover like rocks, docks, etc. So keep a file handy and check your hook often.

The Reins Ax Claw - this is without a doubt the perfect jig trailer. What makes this Japanese soft plastic so special is surely its potent shrimp like scent and more importantly is its profile. Bite off a half inch and it makes for a nice semi-compact design when paired with the above mentioned Tabu Jig.

Scent, design, soft yet durable, colors, and available in pro-packs (large qtys)
Cons: n/a

This combo has really proven itself to me over the last two years!

5.14lbs 23" inland Lake Smallie (just shy of 6!) from 4/30/2011

Reins Ax Claw
Tabu OWS Jig and Ax Claw Trailer

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