Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Great Lakes Angling - Boating Safety

Deadly Smallmouth?

Every year bass fisherman are drawn to the great lakes for the first time to land a trophy class Smallmouth Bass. It may be crucial to know some basic safety facts of rough water boating. I have been fishing Bass tournaments on Lake St. Clair for awhile and have learned some important things that I need to share with you, especially if you are not familiar with rough water because that water could be deadly. Use a checklist to make sure you are prepared for the worst. The list below is my personal list and is only to be used as a reference.

Safety Gear Checklist:
  • Life Jackets
  • Flares (Shooting and Hand held)
  • Visual distress flag (for Air Rescue)
  • Air Powered audible horn
  • Portable Hand held Waterproof VHF Marine Radio
  • Water Bailer -  if you spear a large wave and take on more water then your drains can flow to the sump of your boat you will need to manually bail water. Some experts suggest a 5 gallon bucket however that just isn't always possible in a Bass boat. Just remember you probably have a Bass weigh in bag to use in a pinch.
  • Back up Bilge 750gph or more with quick connect clips with 6 ft of hose
  • Anchor capable of holding your boat in rough water (heavy chain attached or Richter Anchor) and 75-100ft of rope
  • Deluxe First Aid kit with body blanket(s)
  • Depending on Water/Air temp, you may need to bring extra clothes, towels and yes even socks and underwear in a waterproof bag. You truly never know what mother nature will throw at you, be prepared.
  • Dry storage for cell phone
  • Standard boat safety gear (Fire ext., etc)
Know the wind/weather before you go and monitor it hourly or more if there is any chance of storms. Most importantly don't put yourself in a bad position. It is important when pre-fishing for a tournament on big water to have more then one area to fish. Based on the wind/weather you can properly adjust. I have learned this the hard way multiple times and it is never worth it!

Be safe and have fun fishing one of the top ranked Bass fisheries on the planet!

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