Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reins Tungsten - The Heaviest Punching Weight Available!

Japan's top tungsten company is now in the USA, and to my knowledge offers the heaviest punch weight availible @ 2.5 oz.!


More importantly don't lose tournament fish to inferior tungsten without inserts!
Japan's top tungsten company is now in the USA. Reins offers you the widest range of sizes in slip sinkers. From the small 1/16 oz to our massive 2.5 oz!, nobody delivers as many different options in slip sinkers. Reins tungsten slip sinkers give you the ultimate performance with a specific gravity of 18.2, each sinker is 40% smaller than its lead counterpart. Reins slip sinkers are made up of 95% tungsten and 5% nickle alloy making them 1.8 times as dense as lead and environmentally safe. The unique shapes provide less hang-ups on bottom structures with increased sensitivity which equals less drag on your line. If you have trouble feeling a bite, then you need to switch to Reins tungsten sinkers.  Reins utilizes a inner core system to keep your line from being abraded, nobody wants to lose a big fish because their line was worn from the sinker.
Try our new green pumpkin and black models, with our exclusive Matte finish.
Available Sizes

TG Slip Sinker
1/16oz (1.8g), (5 per pack $6.99)

3/32oz (2.7g), (5 per pack $6.99)
1/8oz (3.5g), (4 per pack $6.99)
3/16oz (5.3g), (4 per pack $6.99)
1/4oz (7.0g), (3 per pack $6.99)
5/16oz (8.8g), (3 per pack $7.99)
3/8oz (10.5g), (2 per pack $7.99)
7/16oz (12.3g), (2 per pack $7.99)

TG Slip Sinker "Heavy Weight"
1/2oz (14.0g), (2 per pack $8.99)

3/4oz (21.0g), (1 per pack $7.49)
1oz (28.0g), (1 per pack $8.99)

TG Slip Sinker "Super Heavy Weight"
1.2oz (33.6g), (1 per pack $9.99)

1.5z (42g), (1 per pack $11.99)
2oz (56g), (1 per pack $15.99)
2.5oz (70g), (1 per pack $19.99)

Natural, Black, Green Pumpkin
TG Slip Sinker "Size Chart"

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