Saturday, January 22, 2011

Get your Dep's on for Trophy Bass

Get your Dep's on!

One of the worlds best Trophy Bass lure manufactures!

but, don't take it from me, for sure you can trust the current record holder of the World's largest Bass (tied w/George Perry)  Manabu Kurita one of Dep's top guns! Manabu cranks out monster bass after monster bass. check out his blog link below...

Just one of their exciting baits is the Buzzjet, this is no wimpy finesse topwater. The Buzzjet is a big ass big bass wake bait that is molded with the highest quality composites available, surely nothing they (bass or your competitors) have ever seen.

Just a peek into their amazing engineering see the BELLKNOCKER...

Check em out and as always, thanks for checking in!


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